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tears of morning turn to tears of grief. you see this happen nrby the walker memorial baptist church as the funeral for ashley mcrae was coming an end. >> i was standing outside, and i heard about six, seven, maybe eight shots. everybody arted running toward the shooting. then from there they started retreating and coming back into the church. >> sources say members one gang were outside the church aunting members of another gang. those words led to gunfire. a car chase, andloodshed on the streets. ryan weaver an amc commissioner was on u street when it hapned. >> we heard about 10 gunshots, happening in a short burst, and a couple more after that, and a car rushing down u street, i ran out on to the streetso see, they came out at a hh rate of speed. we see the car flipped over here at 11th and u.
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>> ashley mcrae was murred september 18th on bruce place soutast. her murder was not gang related. they say it came as a result of a domest argument. last ek # 1-year-old damon samms was arrested and charged in that case. police say members from a number of gangs were at her funeral. and friction between those gangs led to that shooting and murder today. on the scene, councilman jim graham came back from vacation when he learned about the shootg. >> has this resulted from a taunting? this w a taunting. at a funeral. and we have this kind serious consequences as a result. the young girl whose funeral was held today. she's dead because she was talking to somebody other than her boyfriend at a club. this is the level that we're dealing with right now in terms
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of the madness and insanity that permeates these activities. >> tonight police have fanned out through northwest talking to people, trying to get information and evidence that could lead them to some suspects. trying to prevent any acts of retaliation. tonight weave a lookout for a getaway car, light or cream colored sedan. possibly a crown vic. so far, tno suspects, no arrest in this case of murder. several blocks of u street have been cled nearly all day today as the shooting investigation continues. our team coverage continues too with jackie benson, she's on u street with more. jackie? >> doreen, we want to show what you it looks like here at the scene as this is one of the reasons this area has been shut down for some six hours now, police are in the process of towing and crime scene
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technicians are examining a vehicle, one of several in a has bullet holes in it as a result of this shooting. police are starting to breakdown the perimeter that has paralyzed therea fomuch of the afternoon. more much of the afternoon, busy u street northwest was closed off by yellow police tape. the shooting and resulting chaos after a nearby funeral happened in the middle of one of the city's busiest commercial areas. thousan live here, thousands more come here to eat and work every day. they are shaken. >> u street has come a long way, unfortunately, we have a little ways left to go. no vehicle traffic was permitted from 14th to 14th streets. no one was even allowed to walk on the sidewalk in the 1200 block of u street as police conducted a murder investigation. inside the perimeter are dozen of the city's most popular stores, restaurants and bars. steven techla owns you scream i
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scream. many of these business normally do brisk lunch and happy hour business. today the tables are empty, owners say they understand the reason. the seriousness of what happened. >> i have few customers, because the street closed. unfortunately, i guess because of the shooting it's closed. >> reporter: a lot of concrn has been expressed by people who work here, people who live here, they're worried this incident may make people see u street even temporarily as an unsafe lace. doreen, back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you. former president jimmy carter was taken to a hospital today after suffering an upset stomach on a flight to cleveland. mr. carter is 85 years old now, he was taken off the plane by emergency crews. that's not the video you're watching now. he was taken to a hospital for
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observation. mr. carter's grandson says he's doing fine. doctors say his release is not imminent. the former president plans to resume his book tour sometime this week. the tropical depression that we'll tell you more about in a f minutes. first, the doctor who was shot at john's hopkins hospital recently was released from the hospital. dr. david cohen went home last night after spending 10 days in the hospital. he was shot in the abdomen on september 16th. the gunman shot cohen when the doctor shared bad news about his mother's medical condition. he shot and killed his mother and then himself. d.c. fire investigators are asking for the public's help in their effort to solve a series of suspicious car fires.
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the fires in question began along the 3600 block of 16th street northwest back in late august. the number of cars and mopeds were torched. the most recent fire happened just this past weekend. investigators believe the culprits are responsible for that fire and possibly up to 12 others in the area. anyone with information is asked to call cime solvers. investigators still don't know what caused a huge barn fire at theivestock exchange in virginia. this is home video of the flames. most of the cows got out, five of them were killed, though. a volunteer firefighter shot the video. he says the flames were so intense in a you could see them from miles away. the livestock exange is a local landmark in marshall, virginia. the ban on driving and talk on your cell phone is coming to maryland soon. this friday, in fact. chris gordon joins us with what this will mean for drivers. hi, chris. >> it means hands free cell
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phone use. driversre going to need an ear piece or to use the speaker phone. and they can't hold on to it, they have to put it down. this is called a secondary offense. which means if an officer stops you for speeding or neglect driving or a headlight out, they can also give you a fi if you're driving like this. >> it's not hard to imagine you're in heavy traffic when al of a sudden you look at the car next to u and the driver is talking or texting on a cell phone. >> many people on the cell phone. they're wiggling all overhe road. >> reporter: here's a new sign you'll see in maryland. no texting, no handheld cell phone use. starting friday, police will be cracking down. >> the first violation is a $40 fine. the second violation is a $100 fine with one point. if you're involved in a crash then the fines go up to $140 and there can be up to three points. >> the law applies not only to
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maryland motorists, but everybody using maryland roads. we spoke to some drivers at the i-95 rest stop in laurel. >> we have to be more careful. >> last year in maryland, there were 549 traffic fatalities, and many of them were caused by distracted driving. >> 30% of those recent crashes ave been related to people using their cell phones or texting. >> a new study from the highway data loss institute compared collision claims in four states before and after texting bans and found there were more crashes after the bans took effect. researchers think that drivers are lowering thei phones so police can't see them teing. they're doing so and taking their eyes off the road. this public service announcement created by maryland high school students won aaa's national contest. and will be on tv and cable cone siding with national drive safely workweek. >> we have lots of studies that indicate it's not holding the phone, it's holding the
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conversation, it's the distracon of the mind that happens when you're talking on the cell phone. >> maryland transrtation officials are confident by removing this one distraction, a handheld cell phone while driving they can make maryland highways, roadways and streets safe for all of us. live along 270 back to you in the studio. >> thank you, chris. there's a tropical depression that's gaining strength and it could gi us a whole lot of rain tomorrow. doug kammerer is tracking this storm. what's the word, doug? >> the word is going to be rain, doen. i'll tell you what, you're really going to need that umbrella. you may have put it aay after yesterday's rains. now, just keep an eye on that umbrella. make sure you ow where it is tomorrow. we are looking at a couple showers right now, some of those showers making their wayhrough parts of the area, around portions of frederickcounty. we're going to continue to see those on our way in. zoom in to parts of frederick
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county just to the east. now, temperatures 79 degrees, currently arou the area. most of the rain is now moving out of here, that's the good news. tropical depression 16 has formed. it could become tropical storm nicole. that's not the big news. the news is the track that the storm is going to take. it will move toward the north, fade out, become an extra tropical storm d move right up toward our region. rainfall estimates could be anywhere between 2 to 4 inches of ran, and some areas could get more than that overhe next 48 hours. i'll be back a little later on to show you when i think this rain is going to hit, who's going toee what, and when it moves out and what comes next. that's all coming up in my full forecast. >> thanks, doug. five weeks ago, before the midterm elections now, and president barack obama is taking a decidedly tougher tone in his talks with fellow democrats.
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the president is out now on a four-day road trip designed to inspire his party. and to prevent republicans from seizing control of congress. steve hdlesman has our report. >> reporter: in a backyard in new mexico, president obama warned out november and tried to inspire docratic voters. >> pay attention and do their homework and find out about candidates. >> if republicans take over congress. schools and the environnt, most americans he said will be worse off. >> have you to ask yourselves what direction do i want this coury to go in? do i want to invest in our people, our middle class? are we going to keep doing the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. >>to rolling stone magazine, the president was more forceful. it's inexcusable and irresponsible for people to stand on the sidelines. people need to buck up. but it's hard. our review of the economy is turning grimmer.
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today's consumer confidence score is down from august. vice president biden knows the electoral implications. >> if we let this be a referendum onow people feel about their present circumstances, we lose. >> republicans are counting on voters, blaming the party in powe >> democrats made a very clear choice. they chose to ignore the concerns of the american people and pressahead with their own agenda over the past year and a ha. >> president obama hit a local restaurant. he's got five weeks to convince uncommitd voters the democrat's agenda is theirs. >> and five weeks to convince dishearten democrats to get off the sidelines and prevent a republican takeover up here. steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. still ahead on news 4 at 6:00 a maryland work gets stuck after falling deep into a sewage well. a gunman opened fire in the library at a university of texas
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campus today. >> the district is considering lowering parking meter fees. coming up in sports, we'll preview the capitols first home preseason me. also the eagles say the return of donovan mcnabb, it's just another ball game. and the wizards stay up late to kick off their training camp.
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in charles county, maryland, today a man fell more than0 feet down into a well. he got stuck down there. it happened at a pump station at a sewage treatment plant in wald or of. >> shortly after 10:30 tuesday morning, the fire department got the call. >> the gentleman was doing some sort ofaintenance work, he fell into the hole. >> rescuers sprang into action. the firstan down, kevin goad. i got in the wet suit, they rig me up and set me in the hole. i was relaying the information up t the ground level, they were able to get the water under control, and bring it down to ankle deep. by that time it was time to pull me out. >> it was justin lucas' turn. >> ias the second one to go into the hole. i got down about 30 feet into the hole. there's 2 to 3 feet of water in
6:17 pm
the bottom of the hole. luckily there were no toxic gases n the hole. we ventilated the hole just in case, had good fresh air going down to him. it could have gone a lot worse. once at the bottom of the hole i got the victim strapped into the rescue devi, and attached him to the haul line. put a helmet on him, gave him directions on how to guide his way out of the hole and signalled for the crew on top of the hole to lift him out. >> the equipment operator was hoisted to safety, decon tamm nature as a precaution and then takeno a nearby hospital for observati. meanwhile, the rescuers say this is one they won't forget, especially the smell. >> sewer water. >> he had a few bumps and bruisesbut he's expected to be okay. he was flown to nearby prince georges hospital as a precaution. from waldorf, craig melvin, news 4. officials at the university of texas are trying to figure
6:18 pm
out what led a student to open fire this morning. he first fired an automatic rifle near the clock tower before he went insid the library and started shooting. witnesses scrambled for cover as the campus went on lockdown. police think he sh himself when officers started to close in on him inside the library. nobody else was injured. here in our area today, family and colleagues said a final good-bye to former alaska senator ted stevens. he was buried at the arlington national cemetery this morning. he was a world war ii veteran, awarded the distinguished flying cross for his service. he went on to become the longest serving republican in the senate. he spent more than 40 yearsn his seat. stevens died along with four others in a plane crash last month during a fishing trip in alaska. he was 86 years old. a senior taliban official says osama bin ladin is still alive and active in leadingl
6:19 pm
qaa. he operates in pakistan. he's never met bin ladin but he's certain he's in touch with leaders of al qaeda and gives them specific instructions u.s. officials believe bin ladin is hiding with other terrorist leaders in pakistan. the commander says al qaeda is now a global organizaon with branchs in arab countries, europe and the u.s. there are new indications that the youngest sonof north korean leader kim jong-il is being groomed to succeed his father. today he was elected to leadership roles in worker parties. his father just made him a four star general. it was the first time kim jong-un's name had been mentioned in the media. he's the son who's most like his father. other than that, very little is known about him. kim jong-il is 68 years old and has been in poorle th. classmates are mourning the
6:20 pm
death of a local football player who diedfter last weekend's four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland.
6:21 pm
for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholefor giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even aank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. cehrlicsides with corporatet executives again and again and again tell bob ehrch big banks and billionares don'need help. middle cde do.
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more of a pretty soggy sounding weather forecast. >> we talked about this last week. we talked about it yesterday. we really need to see some rain,
6:23 pm
something tropical to break a drought. have we got a chance to see a lot of rain with this next one one of the compur models just put out ten inches of rain. >> what? >> i don't think that's going to happen, but that's the kind of sysm we're talking about. the system that has the potential to bring 2 to 4 inches of rain, maybe upwards of five inches. >> that's why we're counting on your wisdomand human experience. >> that'shy you don't look at computer models for your forecast. get it right here. a lot of people out enjoying the park today, a beautiful day across the rea. i took up running a little earlier, this is my running club, yeah. >> wait, where are you? >> i missed the e-mail, i was supposed to be part of this today, but, yeah, these guys out there obviously with a high school, i guess, that guy trying to beat his buddy right there, his buddy says, no, not going to happen. there they are taking a great day. plenty of sunshine out there. we have cloud cover outside right now. take a look, plenty of clouds
6:24 pm
during the day today, also sunshine. that sun helps to warm us up to 84 degrees, still a little warm, and humid earlier things have to ride out and definitely more rain on the way. we have more rain right now in some locations. 79 the current teerature at the airport, winds out of the south-southwest at 12 miles per hour. no rain around the district until you get up to carroll county, howard county as well. you can see right around mt. airy, along 70, northern portions of howard county and carroll county seeing some showers, maybe a brief heavy downpour as well. that shower will continue to move off to th north and east as this whole system continues to pull away from the area. 79 in sterling right now. 79 in culpepper. quantico and la plate that78 degrees. your wide view showng most of the rain offshore, a few showers making their way through our forth earn sections. that frontal boundary will continue to move out toward the east. normally as a frontal boundary
6:25 pm
moves off, you say, good, we're going to see dry weather the next couple ds. that's not going to happen. tropical depression 16 is in the caribbean with winds of 35 miles per hour. not a big deal for the east coast. but this one is going to take a track here. it's goi to make its way due north. moving north-northeast at 9 miles per hour. winds of 35 miles per hour. here goes the storm, making its way across cuba and into miami where they could easily see 50 mile an hour winds from this storm. itmakes its way toward south carolina, no longer a tropical storm. could take extra tropical characteristics, the remnants of that storm will comeight inland, make a turn into north carolina and virginia, and right into our region. that's why i think we stand good chance seeing a lot of rain with this system. how much rain doi think we'll see? there goes that frontal boundary, and the moistur riding right along that front to the north, tomorrow afternoon,
6:26 pm
right around 5:30. i expect to see shower activity from the district down to the south. heavy rain moves in. windy conditions move as well. there goes the heavy rain band which i think will set up to the west of the district. maybe toward louden county, the mountains coulsee alot of rain with this. four inches plus, i think that could be an easy thing we see here. anhere between 2 and 4 inches around our area. partly sunny, winds diminishing overnight, nice evening overnight. tomorrow morning when you wake up, i think a dry start and a nice start. maybe even some sunshine, the clouds will build on in as they do build, we will see the clouds thicken as well. and shower activity by late tomorrow afternoon. temperatures between 70 and 74 degrees. forecast showing a high o 79 on thursday with the rain and wind likely. drying out and cooling down. there's a lot of questions out here, if you have any questions for us, that you want the weather team to ansr.
6:27 pm
veronica and i will have that web chat tomorrow afternoon between 5:00 and 6:30 to talk about this rain. i think this will be a situation we'll see a flood watch put into effect maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. we haven't seen a lot of rain, and mother nature is giving it all to us in one week. >> so wednesday and thursday both? >> wednesday and thursday. wednesday night into the day thursday. probably all day thursday, and then next week, maybe some more, but we'll talk about that later. >> yeah, let's wait for that. >> we're holding out for that nice weekend you're talking about. >> should be okay. coming up in ounext half hour, the district may try to save you some money at the parking meter. a high school community is in mourning over the un timely death of a popular teen. i'll have the story coming up. the mayoralking about education and the risks he took while in office. the wizards john wahl works overtime to get to knowis new head coach.
6:28 pm
and the eagles say they're not going to take donovan mcnabb's return lightly.
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a local high school senior on his way home from playing football died after a car crash
6:31 pm
in stafford county. now they're honoring the athlete who they say was a friend to everyone. forrest peterson went to brook point high school in stafford, he just left the locker room afte a game when he was involved in a singlear crash friday night. >> he died from the injuries the following morning, now his coach says peterson's gerous spehr sit hoping the school find comfort in his loss. jane watrell has our report. >> reporter: funny, determined, smart and motivated are just a few of the words friends and coaches have used to describe forrest peterson. number 5 oftn the football team. now number one in their hearts. >> his morals, his beliefs. were very, very important. especially for someone of such a young age. he was a friend to everybody. that's why it's really hitting our team hard. >> reporter: the multisport athlete diedaturday after being involved in a single car
6:32 pm
accident friday night. just a few mile as way from the high school. hn burgess said the entire school has been in a days ever since. >> it was the quietest it's been my four years here. it's always loud. walking through the halls yesterday, it was so quiet. it's never been so quiet. >> reporter: a facebook page quickly sprang up to honor the hardworking you man, who arrived at the stafford school even last year, after his father transferred to quantico. he made a big impression in a big way. joining the football and wrestling teams and navy junior rotc. since his death over 1700 people have written heartfelt tributes. >> it's shocking. >> forrest peterson also believed in origin donation. something consoling his grieving coach and teammates through this difficult ti. >> a 13-year-old girl is going toet his heart. that girl is going to be able to
6:33 pm
run for days and days, he was in shape. and then t newbor getting his liver. it's just special. that's forrest. >> the next few days are going to be difficult ones for the brook point community. forrest peterson will be buried on friday,ut his number will be remain on the football field for the entire season. a tribute to a young man who made a major impact in a short period of time. in stafford, jane watrell news 4. metro plans another round o track improvements over the columbus day weekend. there will be no blue and orange line service during the three-day weekend. he metro west station will also be closed. metro will replace four track switches which was a recommendation madbit ntsb. metro will close friday night october 8th and reopen tuesday morning. drivers in the district soon might get some relief from the city's aggressive effort to raise the prices of parking
6:34 pm
meters. the city recently slammed down pretty hard on drivers. it' doubled the meter charge to $2 an hour. jack evans is a councilmember from ward 2. he says he's going to introduce legislation next week to hold hearings on whether to roll back the coast of most meters and eliminate charges on night and weekend rking. except in most crowded areas of the city. those changes would cost the city about $10 million in lost revenue. ouncilman evans says most residents wou welcome the changes. >> everybody's aggravated. the restauranteursho feel their patrons have to run back out and feed the meter. >> vincent gray also supports at least a partial roll back of the costs and the hours. >> the irs will no longer send out paperax forms and instructions in the mail. the internal revenue service has
6:35 pm
decided to stop mailing them because so many peopleow file eleronically. the move starting next year is expected to save about $10 million a year. people who still want paper forms will have to call the irs to request them. they're also available at irs offices and on its website. some libraries and pt offices also will have the paper forms. d.c. mayor adrian fenty travelled to new york city today to participate in an nbc education nation panel discussion. many believe the mayor lost the primary election here this month in part because of school reforms speer headed by chancellor michelle reid and people are upset and agry over those issues. politicians have to b willing to take political risks. >> it's going to state the obvious. the goal of politicians is to getre-elected. and too often that goal
6:36 pm
surpasses everything else. if you really wan to do education reform right now in this country, you are going to have to take some political hits. otherwise we're just going to see what's happened overhe past 30, 40 years. we know what needs to be done. >> permission to -- >> when asked about hisplans after he leaves office, mayor fenty predicted he and michelle reid will likely stay involved in education reform. and he warned they will likely be agitators from the outside as they have been from the inside. coming up tonight on "nightly news" we'll take a look at what bill gates wants to do to make better teachers. and we have a special education nation section on our website at >> with regard to mayor fenty's comments, most political observers in the city note th the mayor lost the election, not because he tried reform, but he
6:37 pm
successfully alienated nearly all the constituencies involve in education and other matters in the city. white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to make a decision about his potical future by friday. he's been actively considering a run for the mayor's office in chicago. manual resigned his seat in congress to serve as chief of staff for presidentobama. before his run for congress he served as a senior adviser to president bill clinton. still ahead at 6:00, a famous performance hall gets rea to host its first concert in quite some time. and a very odd friendship. a[ male announcer ]ndship. you can't un-smoke a cigarette. and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once. and you could be again. for many, smoking a treatable medicacondition.
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the heat wave in southern california is causing massive power outages, temperatures h 113 degrees there yesterday. and today wasn't very much better. 103. more than 25,000 customers are without power today in california. blown transformers appear too have caused the outages. uncomrtable. >> are we glad we don't have to deal with that any more? >> yeah, yesterday you look at those numbers. at 9:00 in the morning it was 105 already. at 9:00 in the morning. you walk out the door, boom. you're not seeing that across the area today. we're shaping up to see a beautiful evening right now. we're seeinghe sunshine right now, just a fewclouds, still a couple showers up toward carroll
6:41 pm
county, maryland. it's been a pretty nice day today for the most part. and for the most part it's been on the dry side of things. 79 degrees that's the current temperature out there. 55 in fderick, 64 in warrington. a rather down toward fredericksburg, 60 degrees. tomorrow 72 in fredericksburg. st. marys around 74. annapolis cong in at 75. most of the day will be dry tomorrow, the rains will come in and they will get very heavy during the day on thursday. very windy as well on thursday, not a good day at all. friday and saturday looking better with cooler temperatures, highs only in the 60s on saturday. and we stay in the 60s as we make ouray through the rest of the weekend. >> thank you, doug. it's an unprecedented partnership, the washington capitols, mystics, redskins and wizards are all joining forces in a new health initiative for our area youth. sports teams announced plans to kick off get the ball rolling. it will educate local kids about
6:42 pm
the importance of staying f and eating healthier. as a native washingtonian, this program is personal for him. >> 40% of children in the district of columbia are considered overweight or obese. those numbers are staggering. and we needo fix that. so we're real focused on that. >> kids willearn fro nutrition experts. >> not a bad idea. the capitols are out here, everybody buzzing downere on the ice, they're warminup behind me. they're getting ready to play their home preseason opener. the wizards put on quite a show last night. and donovan mcnabb
6:43 pm
hey ove, i'm gonna neea bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you'reight! ♪ [ male announcer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of anches and atms, they're hd to miss. hey, tre's o right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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they're getting ready to do some skating at the verizon center, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. the capitols preseason home opener against the boston bruins. you may think, it's a preseason game, who cares about that. the prince william panthers care. these guys are here, they play hockey, and they get to be in the fan tunnel, the tunnel all the skaters skate through.
6:46 pm
everyone knows alex ovechkin is making his home preseason debut. obviously wants to pick up and do better, he started off the playoffs last year, he scored five playoff goals all totalled. he is determined to help this team learn from their mistakes. his line mate mike knuble said ovechkin is always ready to go. he's excited to see what ove is ready to bring to the table. >> it's fun to e him play. even his own teammates. you feel that much more comfortable when he's on the ice, and when the other team sees his name on the lineup boorksd it's a ltle bit of an intimidation factor. he's going to be -- he'll look like -- crtain guys look like they're in mid season form all the time. he'll be having fun and be all over the place doing his thing. i think that's pretty -- he'll be playing his me. >> mike knuble will be playing on that first line tonight with
6:47 pm
alex ovechkin. the pition battle to watch is going to be for center, they'll all be competing for time. that's a battle to pay attention to. the capits are three preseason games in, after tonight they have three left. they all just want the regular season to begin. moving n to football, donov mcnabb you can bet did not want his return to philly to be under these circumstances. after losing a game the lollie st. louis rams. bu mcnabb is a professional, so are his former eagles teammates who say, we're just going to take it in stride. the question is, h are the fans going to react in donovan mcnabb's return? mcnabb spent his last1 seasons in philadelphia where his career began. people still wonder why the eagles would have traded a quarterback inside the division? now that he's with the redskins, his goal is the same as it ever was. it would sure be sweet to get a victory against the team that dealt him.
6:48 pm
the eagles say they'reaking as it comes. >> i think the role of donovan, and the legacy that he left here will be just that legacy that will last forever. he did phenomenal things for this organization. and that's not forgotten. >> it's going to be a big game. a big game for everybody. you know, you know, mcnabb nes to be a quarterback. we have to play against him now. we're not going to treat him no different from any other team. he's an opposite team. we're coming. >> i've always said this is just a normal game. and in this situation, obviously for us, it's a must win. you know, coming off of two losses like we've had these past two weeks. no matter who we're playing, we have to be able to come out and be able to execute and win. >> donovan mcnabb and the redskins return to the practice
6:49 pm
field tomorrow. mcnabb saying this is a must win game against his former team. elsewhere in the nfl, there's one rule i think each team has, if yore playing the chicago bears, don't punt to devin hester. it's one of the mistakes the green bay packers made on monday night football and it ended up in a lot. the fpackers taking on the beer at soldier field. the packers start teach in their territory. a good punch in the 38, devin hester is magic. he finds the reek, takes it back, in an ou 62 yards all the way back for the touchdown. his first punt return since the end of the 2007 season, the bears take a 14-10 lead thanks to devin heste green bay comes storming back, though. aaron rogers drives the packers deep down the field, 316 yards passing for the ball game. he uses his legs here, dmivz from three yards out for the score. the packers are able to retake
6:50 pm
the lead 17-14. game ties now at 17, bears fans in a frenzy. jay cutler looks to be picked off. take another look, rookie safety, morgan burnett called for pass interference. 18 penalties for green bay on the night, wipes out the interception. sets the game wingfield goal for the bears. robbie goal makes it with four seconds left. the bears win it. let'talk about the nba. flip saunders said when i take on this new young wizards team this year, let's have midnight madness. it was a big deal for john wahl, the new star of this team. although felt kind of familiar out the on the court. the wizards back on the court last night, midnight madness. point guards are not made, they're delivered from heaven. he thinks leaders are the same way. he has john wahl who was front and center in front of 4,000
6:51 pm
fans last night, while working with chemistry teammates. he's also working on his personality and chemistry with is coach. the time they spent together in minnesota in the offseason has made him even more comfortable. that will do it from out here at verizoncenter, guys, the capitols tonight taking on the boston bruins, it's a preseason game that they're still really working on chemistry, so it is a big deal for the caps and all these fans that have flocked here tonight to see alex ovechkin. >> i was listening to donovan say it's just another game, i couldn't help but remember when the eagles traded sunny down here for sneed and the first time tha sunny got the chance to play the eagles again, he made it clear he wanted to kill them suckers. if'm no mistaken, i think he did. th ran the score up to something ridiculous. we'd like to see that again. >> sunny certainly made a
6:52 pm
statement. donovan is the most politically correct athlete i've been around. he's always going to say the right thing. you have to know when a champion has that kind of chip on their shoulder, good things are going to happen for them. >> he wants it bad. >> yes, he does. doug has a final check on our weather. >> you might not lieve is guy and his t.
6:53 pm
four yea ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for thlast four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides th corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks a billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
people in nashville are still trying to recover from the devastating floods that hit there nearly five months ago. tonight the city is celebrating a clear sign of ogress, the grand ole opry is reopening. jay gray reports. >> it's opening night at the nely renovated and repaired grand ole opry. >> i think when the curtain goes up for the first time, there are going to be some tears in the house. ♪ >> in a city built on music and dres, the may floods were a devastating nightmare. >> we had ten people die in nash vietna ville. we had about 10,000 properties damaged. >> one of those this iconic performance hall. >> when iaw the opry house under water, it hurt me in my soul. >> four feet of water filled the
6:56 pm
grand ole opry. >> even when this stage was under water and in the five months it took to bring it back, the music never stopped. it never has, in the 85-year history of the opry. >> and this afternoon as the surstars of country muc rehearsed one last time, for one of the biggest and most important performances ever here, there is a message in the music. >> it's very important to millions of people, and it will never die. this building is a testament to the spirit and strength and resilience that is country music. >> the perfect note in music city right now as it continues to play a song of survival for anyone who will listen. jay gray, nbc news, nashville.
6:57 pm
>> that's good to see. >> how about our weather. >> our weather will be changing again. we saw tropical downpours sterday during the day. some areas sawthose, i think we'll see them again tomorrow night and into the day on thursday. let's show you what's happening outside right now, currently 79 degrees. a beautiful evening. winds out of the south-southwest at 12 miles an hour. a frontal boundary that helped roduce some of the rain we saw is moving off the coast. it's not going to move very far. look down toward the carolinas, here comes the rain from the south, it will be hre tomorrow afternoon. and by tomorrow night into thursday, very heavy rain, i think we could be dealing with winds upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hours the storm system does move in from the atlantic. this could be a tropical depression, tropical storm befo it makes its way up here. we could see 2 to 4 inches of rain with locally higher amounts. we may need to see a flash flood watch put up over the next 24
6:58 pm
hours for our area, even though we need to see some rain, we don't need to see that much. parts of the carolinas, which saw 10 inches yesterday, cou see another six inches plus. four-day forecast, 73 again tomorrow. 50% chance of rain late in the day. 79 degrees thursy with heavy rain and wind likely. friday and saturday we dry out. drying out with sunshine friday afternoon, sunny and a high of 67 on saturday. as we move in through the extended forecast. highs only in the 60s. right now i'll have the extended forecast dry, but looking at a couple systems that do try to come into our area monday and into tuesday. those as well would be a tropical nature. so mother nature heard everything that we sid over the past three months, about just how dry we have been. >> sometimes enough is too much. >> we needed seven inches. we may just pick up that seven inches or at least half of it. we'll see. there's a guy in costa rica
6:59 pm
named cheeto. he earned extra money with a 1,000 pound crocodile. people come from all over to watch them do tricks. there is a story behind this unusualrelationship, and we're going to tell it to you 20 years ago, cheeto found him dying on the banks of a nearby river. a farmer shot him in the eye and left him to die. cheeto got two friends to help him load the crocodile onto his boat. he took him home and you nursed him to alth. he took him back to the bay to release him. and the crocodile fool on the broadcast tonight.

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